Established in 1991, Composite Profiles has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and supply of composite products predominantly manufactured by the pultrusion method or open form moulding.

Composite Profiles provides a full design service for reinforced plastic composite with capabilities to manufacture and install, providing turn-key responsibility.

We have a vast range of profile sections such as angles, channels, beams, box section and rods etc. As well as a comprehensive range of moulded walkway grating and anti-slip products. Typical areas of use are in the mining, water/waste water and chemical industries where traditional metals are known to corrode. Along with use in electrical industry where composite products exhibit non-conductive properties and are used as insulators. Recent advances in materials also allow for lightweight designs where in the past excessive weight has been an issue.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic is one of the strongest and most durable materials in the world. Pultrusion is a manufacturing process for producing continuous lengths of fiberglass reinforced plastics shapes with a constant cross section.

Surfacing veil is added to give the profile a resin rich surface and enhance the appearance of the final product. The wet out reinforcements now enter the heated pultrusion die. The heat begins the thermosetting reaction process that cures the finished profile. The cured profile is now advanced by a caterpillar style puller to the cut off saw where it will be cut to its final length.