Pultruded moulded grating is a special type product which is made to order, please refer to attached master list on the RHS for available dimensions.

Our Pultruded FRP Grating is made of I type or T type pultruded bearing bars and cross members. It has the same chemical properties as Moulded Grating but with higher mechanical properties in the span direction. It is widely used for platforms, especially where large spans are required. It is designed to be long lasting, chemical and corrosion resistant with a high strength to weight ratio and slip resistant. It’s fire resistance is tested in accordance with ASTM E-84.

It is impact resistant, non-conductive, easy to cut and install as well as being extremely economical. Pultruded FRP grating is widely used in corrosive environments, such as acid-alkali platforms, acid-alkali depots and water treatment plants, cooling towers etc. Also, the Pultruded FRP grating can be manufactured with cover board and slip resistant surface according to customers’ requirements.